The state of Kalat was founded in 1666. The territories controlled by the state fluctuated over the centuries but eventually were established by treaties with the British Agent Robert Sandeman in the late 19th century. Parts of the state to the north and northeast were leased or ceded to form the province of British Baluchistan which later gained the status of a Chief Commissioners province.

On 28 March 1948, the Khan of Kalat acceded to Pakistan. The Baluchistan States Union was declared on 3 October 1952. The state of Kalat ceased to exist on 14 October 1955 when the province of West Pakistan was formed. The rulers of Kalat held the title of Wali originally but in 1739 also took the title Khan . The last Khan of Kalat had the privilege of being the President of the Council of Rulers for the Baluchistan States Union. The last Khan of Kalat state was Khan Ahmed Yar Khan.

·         The central position of Khuzdar as to point of convergence of roads from Larkana to Multan through Moola pass, roads linking Khuzdar to Quuetta and Mekran to Karachi made it an important place for Arab Invaders who ousted Rai dynasty of Sindh in 7th century. Khuzdar was notified as separate District on 1st March, 1974. Previously it was included in District Kalat.

·         Alexander the Great also passed through this Division (Bela) on his return journey from India in 326 BC

Kalat as a Division

 Kalat Division was notified as Division in the year, 1955. Prior to that, it was known as Balochistan States Union. At that time Makran Division and Kachi District right upto Jhal Magsi were included in Kalat Division. Besides that Kharan and Lasbela Districts were also included into the territory of Kalat Division. Kachi District was seprated in 1965 and Makran Division was seprarated from Kalata Division in 1977. Khuzdar became Divisional Headquarter in 1965 before that Kalat was the Divisional Headquarter.